Legal Advice

How To Choose A Good Lawyer

Locating a competent attorney to handle your particular case is about as crucial as finding the right doctor for yourself or a family member. An unacceptable doctor can be deadly; so too an incompetent or inexperienced attorney can kill your chances for success in Court. Investing some time to determine the attorney’s qualifications may very well save you unnecessary disappointment.

Therefore, deciding who would be the best lawyer to represent you in your case is particularly important, as it could make a difference between whether you will win or lose your case.  Self-serving newspaper advertising by lawyers will not necessarily lead you to the best attorney. When selecting your attorney you should set aside all of the popular advertising and promotions, and consider the lawyer’s background, knowledge, and experience. You should check whether your lawyer has any experience in litigation before the courts.  Likewise, since you may need to appeal your case, your attorney should be familiar with appeal procedure.

Aside from just looking into knowledge and experience, you should also be aware if your attorney appears to be a hard-working practitioner, attentive to your needs and offering personal attention to his other individual clients. The bottom line question you should ask yourself: DOES MY LAWYER TREAT ME LIKE I THINK I DESERVE TO BE TREATED? If he doesn’t, then he may not care enough about your case.

Factors to Consider

There are several crucial factors to consider before determining whether an attorney has the requisite experience at different levels and phases of the process. The attorney must demonstrate that he has prepared, reviewed, filed, and represented clients in a wide range of proceedings. In addition, the attorney must continue to raise his own level of legal education by taking ongoing educational courses and keeping up to date of the latest developments and changes in law. Granted, all of this knowledge and experience may not always be necessary. Nevertheless, when your case is prepared properly from the beginning and presented appropriately you have given yourself the best chance to win.

Before you spend your hard-earned money with an attorney who claims to be a magician or miracle worker, sit down and discuss your matter with our firm, and then obtain a second opinion if you feel it to be necessary. As honest and competent attorneys we understand that a second opinion is important to you.  We look forward to meeting with you and offering you the professional guidance, counsel and direction that we have been offering to our other satisfied clients over the past decade.